Thursday, August 6, 2015


Our neighbors invited us to go hiking with them and the weather was absolutely perfect so away we went!

Brave boy crossing the fallen tree!

Preston and James headed up the giant hill of rocks.  Because that's what boys do.

Of course Olivia had to follow.  Which meant that so did I.

Preston found a sword. Which I quickly told him was overkill and not coming with us!

My cute little hiker.

Antoinette and Brian told us about this little path down to the water.  With the water being low with how hot it's been this summer it was worth the trek down to check it out!

Me and my littles.

The kids didn't sit for long and then we headed over to the other side of the rocks to explore.

The water was so low we were able to hop out on rocks that are typically covered.  

Preston was loving the chance to explore and jump from rock to rock.  And making me nervous.  He's just so curious and determined.

 We took a couple of photos.

Then dragged all the kids back.  Preston and Olivia threw a few more rocks.  Because there are rocks.  And rocks need to be thrown.

Antoinette was building some paw prints and Preston got in on the action.  Only instead of building paw prints Preston wanted to build dinosaur prints. 

Going down was so much easier than going back up.  It was a work out!  Especially carrying Olivia.

They invited us over for burgers and the kids got to keep playing.  Olivia was super excited to water their garden in the backyard!

It was not that warm.  Still didn't stop these boys from getting into a water fight.

A fun and exhausting day.

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