Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day At The Beach

Another day at the ocean, another day for the beach!

Look how cute my littles look standing out side holding hands waiting to head down.

While I rounded up everything that we needed to spend a few hours at the beach, Grandpa watched the ocean with Olivia and Madison. 

It was all sunshine and blue skies!  A good day to spend on the beach.

The kids were more than a little excited!

We stopped and walked across a log on our way down to the waves.

Madison wanted to take a little break to play in the sand. 

While Olivia headed down to the ocean with Grandpa and Grandma.

The plan was to head down the beach to the rocks that we've played at on trips to the ocean in the past.

But first there were photos and lots of fun! 

And things to find and explore.

My boy just loves the ocean.  He could totally spend all day every day on the beach.  Rain or shine.  He is not fazed by how cold the water is.  Or if the wind blows.  It's the ocean and it's his happy place!

Fun with Grandpa!

Preston and Madison didn't so much walk the beach with us as they raced up and down in the waves and the water.  While the rest of us were grateful for sweaters they were getting soaked.  Oh to be a kid again!

My Dad found a starfish and the kids were excited to get up close and personal with some sea life.  Before my Dad tossed it back out to sea.

Then he found another goodie a few minutes later for the kids to look at.

But the ocean called to them and they didn't stay still long.

The seals were out again!  And following us as we walked down the beach.  Made things a lot more fun!

We found a stranger and I dragged everyone together for a photo.  It went...well.  HA!  The kids were not feeling it and it was so windy!

Me and my best two littles!

My favorite little boy!

And away they go again!

Those two just loved the beach!

We made it to the rocks!

Best part, once we got behind the rocks the wind stopped!  Holla!

We settled in to play in the sand! 

Preston and Madison were busy building.  Olivia was trying to eat the sand.  All of the kids were having a blast setting up an army battle along the rocks and then throwing sand at all of the army guys.

I wanted a photo of all three of them!  How cute are they!

My parents had headed back to the house.  We headed into the water!   Olivia was finally brave enough that she wanted to play too!

Not only did Olivia love running from the water, but Preston and Madison loved having her run with them.  They were both so cute watching her as we all ran to see if she was having fun and cheering her on! 

Olivia was tired way before Preston and Madison!  They were back at it.  Enjoying the sunshine and the waves!  The two of them were just so freaking adorable.  Racing this way and that way.  Turning to smile at each other.  It was just pure joy!

You can just feel how how much fun they were having just in the photos!

While Preston and Madison were busy playing in the surf, Olivia was keeping me busy on the beach.  She kept burying her face in the sand and trying to eat it.  Then racing away from me when I chased her down to wipe all the sand away.  Repeat a million times.  It was so gross!  And she loved every second.

She looked like a little baby Hitler with her sand mustache.

We finally dragged the big kids out of the water to start the long walk back to our house. 

It took a lot longer because everyone was tired.  And wet  And the kids weren't done playing in the water!  Plus we forgot just how far down our house was.  So we kept having to stop and look to see if we were there yet.  And we found a dead seal.  And obviously had to stop and investigate.  Eventually we made it.  Sandy and exhausted.  And happy!  We had a blast at the beach!

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