Saturday, July 18, 2015

Preston's 8th Birthday



I don't even know how that can be.

Preston is EIGHT!

He woke up to ballooons!   Which seems to be getting less exciting as he gets older.  Or maybe as it's the third year I've done this.  Not really sure.  Going to have to step it up next year. 

Brad and I gave him his present from us.  A Pokemon book!  He's been wanting a book with all of the Pokemon in it for a while and since it's his birthday I did it. 

We headed off to breakfast to meet up with everyone because it's my Aunt and cousins last day in town.  They head home this afternoon. Preston is going to miss Emmy so so much! 

When we got home from breakfast more Amazon boxes had arrived!  Present time again!

Preston was pretty excited that all of the boxes were for him!

We watched a Jurassic movie.  Hung low for a little while. 

We were going to swim but the pool was nasty.  I guess Brad forgot that he had turned the pump off during Preston's party last weekend.  A bad mix is putting a bazillion kids in the pool and then turning the salt water generator off and leaving it that way for a week in the sun.  Yuck!

Next up the main event!  Preston had requested going mini golfing.  Plus the go-karts!

We all did some mini golfing. 

Preston got a hole in one!  He was so excited! It was awesome!

More golfing.  More pictures.  Because that's how we roll.

The kids were not thrilled when we hit the balls into the last hole and they were gone and the game was over. 


There were more fun things to do!

Like bumper boats.

I totally bailed before everyone else.  It was cold!  And not fair.  Brad had Olivia so you couldn't really spray him because you'd get her and she would be screaming and crying.  Well played Brad, well played.

Our last stop was Preston's favorite.  The go-karts!

Even better he got to drive his all by himself!  For the first time ever.  Seriously best birthday ever!

It was Liv's first time on the go-karts ever.  She was also excited!

We of course ended the night with dinner at Red Robin.  Because it's Preston's favorite restaurant and where we spend his birthday every single year.  

Grandma and Grandpa got both kids milkshakes.  Because best grandparents ever!

They did some singing for Preston's birthday!

Happy EIGHTH Birthday Preston!  How eight years have flown by I have no idea.  You are so incredibly smart that you blow us away with the random facts you know.  I'm never surprised anymore when you find some animal documentary on Netflix and have to watch it.  You are so so so opinionated and vocal.  If you believe it is true you will fight with all your might to prove it is so.  Our sweet little boy who still asks to cuddle every single night.  The best big brother your sister's favorite person.  I couldn't have picked a better boy to make me a Mommy, the perfect mix of me and your Daddy!  I love you the mostest mostest times infinity. 

Now please stop being so eager to grow up!

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