Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth Of July 2014

It's the Fourth of July and we're headed to spend the night at the river!

Boating!  We were a lot excited to be on the water!

My people all got in the water.  I did not.  That shiz is cold. 

Olivia didn't last long before she decided she was feeling me on the it's too cold to swim thing.  And she hopped out and I wrapped her in a towel to warm her little body up!  Poor girl.  Gets cold like her Mommy does.

Eventually everyone hopped back in and we headed back down the river. 

I'm not a huge fan of just parking and swimming in the river.  In a lake sure.  A river not so much.  The current carries everyone.  And it's just so narrow that it makes me a nervous wreck when anyone else cruises by.

So I was super excited when we found a beach and some friends of my parents that were parked too.  Swimming.  On a beach.  And there was sand.  That's my jam.  Plus the sun really came out to play! 

We stayed and played for a while.  Swam against the current.  What a work out. Had some fun.  Enjoyed the water. 

Then back into the boat.

We cruised the river back in the opposite direction.  Stopped to swim again.  This time I hopped in, even in the middle of the river.  But only because Brad stayed in the boat.  So it wasn't unattended. 

There might have been some dunking.

The boat was floating into shore and we wanted to play on the beach so Preston decided to grab the rope and give the boat a little help getting to the shore.

Big strong boy!

Meanwhile me and Marissa followed him.  Gracefully.

Minutes after we pulled up another boat did as well.  Full of college kids out for some fun.  Preston quickly made friends with them.  They were racing down the hill and trying to jump onto the wakeboard waiting in the water and ride it out into the water.  This was made even more fun by the fact that the most enthusiastic ones had been drinking.  Oh the hilarity. 

Preston got in on the action.  Jumping down the hill with them.  Racing down into the water. They even helped him run down and jump on the wakeboard.  

What can I say, Preston makes friends everywhere he goes.  He was having a blast.

Olivia was enjoying the water.  Just in a much quieter way than Preston!

Riding back to the trailer.  Time to make some dinner and get ready for fireworks!

Headed out for a walk with Grandma. 

I had to get a couple of family photos!

Preston and Olivia!

My best boy!

My favorite girl!

Oh the view!

Livs got her hands on the camera.  Smile Mama!

It's time for fireworks!

Parked and waiting!  Every year I always think they are about to start as soon as it gets even a little dark and realize that they aren't messing around when they wait for it to be all the way dark.  We entertained ourselves taking photos. 

Preston entertained himself playing withe the iPad and Grandpa.

Finally the main event!

The fireworks got cut short when a little fire started!  Eek!  Not so good when it's incredibly dry out and even contained fires aren't allowed!  We loaded up and headed out only to realize that apparently the show must go on.  So when they started back up we pulled into the rest stop to watch the end!  Well almost all of us watched the end.  Olivia was already asleep!  Little lady can't hang.  So Preston and Brad hopped out to watch and I sat with baby girl.

The next morning, Olivia played princesses and hung with me.

Brad and Preston headed down to the dock to do some fishing.

Liv helped Brad a little bit.

We didn't last long.  Olivia kept trying to jump into the water.  Freaking me out.  So we headed back up.

Of course that's when Preston caught a fish!

Holy excitement!

We loaded into the boat one last time. 

Olivia was so tired she fell asleep on my lap minutes into the ride. 

When we made it to the rope swing, I laid her down in the back and set up a towel to cover her.  Her very own little cabana. 

She didn't sleep long after we stopped and I laid her down. 

Good thing since it was time to play!

I even took a turn on the rope swing this time!  As terrifying as it was, it was so much fun!

We swam for a little bit longer and then started to make our way back.

But first.  A stop for ice cream!

We made it back and loaded the car up to head home.  Exhausted from spending so much time in the sun and on the water!

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