Monday, July 27, 2015

Day Three Disney Vaca

Day three was a down day.

Everyone was just a little bit tired.

When my little people finally got up, we headed out to the pool. Because there is always energy for swimming.

Or laying out enjoying the sun.

They swam.  I watched.  And chugged water.  Because you know who didn't drink enough water in the parks.  This girl.

Preston was being so cute with Olivia when they were swimming!

Then Brad tag teamed in and I ran to Forever 21 and Target with my Mom, Jessie, and Riss.  Riss was dying to explore the two story Forever 21.  I just needed to freaking pee.  All that damn water.  And of course the store didn't have a bathroom so I kept having to walk out into the strip mall!  Then Target for all the last minute things we didn't realize we'd need.  Like the sunglasses I broke.  More of my protein bars since Liv decided we'd share.  Tanks for Brad because omg it is so hot.  Preston magically was the only one who didn't need anything.

Back the house.  And the pool.  This time with a beer.  I drank all my water and was ready to relax!

Preston was being hilarious.  I was watching him jump into the pool, only instead of jumping it looked like he was trying to run.  So I finally asked him and he was trying to see how long he could do things on water.  And then got out to write it all down.

"Swim across the pool.  Sixteen seconds" "Swim to the bottom.  Fourteen seconds."  "Walk on water.  Three seconds."

He was really working on that walking on water one for a while.  It was hysterical!  He was so determined to do it!  And beat his time of three seconds.

I did some swimming.  Some floating.  Some dunking.

I hopped out and my Dad hopped in to play with the boys.

Liv got warm with me!

Watch out she's armed!

We decided to be done parenting for the day and just relax.  The kids can totally handle themselves right?

Getting up before everyone else and then sitting in the sun finally hit me and I took a nap.  While Brad handled our little people.  Vacation is serious business.  And totally exhausting.

I ended the night climbing on top of the roof of our rental to watch the fireworks with my Dad.  It was awesome!

Disneyland in the morning!  We're ready!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lazy Vacation Day

After all the chaos of last night we were ready to start vacation!

While everyone else was sleeping, I headed out for donuts and Starbucks with my Dad, Jessie, and Mason.

Finding the donut shop my Dad used to eat at as a kid was just an added perk!

We headed back to the house to feed everyone.  Sit by the pool for a little bit.

And then back out with my Mom, Jessie, and Riss to make a stop at Lush for Jessie and Target to pick up food and essentials for the week!  While Brad and my Dad kept the kids and enjoyed the sunshine and pool in the backyard of the house!

Finally everything was done and I got to come back and enjoy the house and pool with my people! 

Before heading back out after dinner with my parents to pick up our tickets into Disneyland!  Eeek!

Tomorrow California Adventure!

Photos With My iPhone Week 111

This week.


She wanted cereal.  Ugh.
Rocking her baby.


Picking some colors.
Watching Grandma.  Because she's way to shy to let strangers do her nails.


Cuter than Elsa! 
Disneyland prep!  We're ready for some autographs!

Until next week.

Leaving For Disneyland!

We've been planning it and planning it for what feels like forever, really only since February but still!  It's finally here!!

We're going to Disneyland!!

The kids were so excited.  Even more so once we got to the airport!

Heck who am I kidding, me and Brad were all sorts of excited!

I swear Preston was more excited than his fake smile says he is.  He was also just over waiting to get on a plane.  And watching everyone else eat dinner while Chili's in the airport lost our ticket and forgot about us for almost an hour.  Boo to Chili's...again.

Olivia has thrown herself into two lately.  She didn't want to walk with me.  So she stopped, crossed her arms, and looked down.  Mama isn't going to lose this one baby girl.  I know how to temper tantrum too!

Our plane!  There it is!

We're on an airplane! 

There were nine of us and three to a row so we divided up.  Preston got to sit with Grandpa and Grandma; Liv sat with me and Brad; and then Jessie, Mason, and Riss sat together.

The kids rocked the airplane.  Even when things got complicated.  We weren't supposed to switch planes.  And were told we were after landing.  Then had a layover.  Boarded our next plane.  Realized there was a dog sitting behind Preston, who is allergic to dogs.  Rearranged him and Mason.  And then sat on the runway for about an hour.  

Olivia fell asleep before we even took off from Oakland.  Preston was still going strong by the time we landed at LAX!

So excited to be getting our luggage!  And in LA!

We rented a car.  Obviously.  A big ole twelve passenger van to seat all of us.  You'd think getting your rental car wouldn't be a big deal.  It was!  The Special Olympics was in town.  And the Budget LAX is just plain terrible.  We boarded our shuttle and got lucky to catch the first one and realized it after we passed stop after stop full of people waiting.  Then pulled up and saw the line.  It was insanity.  We waited hours.  HOURS!  At midnight.  With three kids.  And a forty-five minute drive from LAX to our rental in Anaheim.  With our million pieces of luggage because we're over packers.

Preston finally fell asleep on a bench. Sitting in front of Budget.  Around one in the morning.  My poor boy.  He looked homeless sleeping on a bench covered in blankets and jackets.

We finally finally got our rental around three am.  Three in the morning.  It was terrible.  We were all starving.  And tired.  And had to drive to Anaheim.

Luckily being so late at night/early in the morning there wasn't any traffic!   We stopped for food.  And finally arrived at our house.

Only to have the code not work on the door.  I ended up calling the manager at four in the morning to figure out how to get in.

When we finally did get in, it was all worth it!

The house was amazing!  Absolutely gorgeous.  And all ours for the next week.

Plus only a mile away from Disneyland!  Disneyland!!

Family selfie at 4:30am.  Because Preston woke up when he moved from the bench to the rental.  And Olivia woke up when we picked up food.

Let vacation begin!