Thursday, June 4, 2015

Olivia's Birthday At Chuck E Cheese

Olivia's birthday means she gets to pick where we all go to dinner. Since she's not exactly old enough to have a favorite restaurant I helped her pick.

Chuck E Cheese!

Pretty sure it's her favorite place to go that serves food. Even if she won't eat the food. Because rides!

And photos!

Olivia even go all brave and danced with Chuck E with Grandma!

It's her birthday and she'll party if she wants to!

The boys did some basketball playing. 

Olivia found the carousels and the neighs!  It's her favorite ride there!

Time for presents!  Olivia was pretty excited about her gifts!  Even more fun was that she knew what was going on!  Total change from last year!  Made it all a lot more fun!

She got all sorts of goodies!  Her favorites being her princess Anna dress and her new purse from Kelly!

Time for cupcakes!

She even blew out her candles! 

Grandpa and Grandma with all their grandkids!

More ball throwing for the boys!  They loved throwing the balls at these and knocking them down!

Making sure Ariel comes with her in her new purse.

Time to count out our tickets to get some prizes!

Lucky Liv everyone gave her their tickets so she could get the big prize!  Even more lucky when you factor in how many tokens Grandma spends on her favorite game!  Ha!

We did some photobooth fun!  I think that's my favorite part of Chuck E Cheese!

My fam bam!

All the kids!  Well almost all of them.  Mason had already left.

Even Avayah got in on the fun, just with a little help!

I think it's safe to say our baby girl had a great second birthday!

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