Friday, June 26, 2015

Lake Days

Hot days in the summer are made for the lake!

The kids think so too!

Olivia was loving the water!  She was a little fish!

When the kids weren't swimming they were playing on the beach in the sand!

It didn't take too long before Olivia was over the sand and wanted back in the water!  Especially when that's where Grandma was!

The boys took the sand building much more seriously than Olivia did.  They were little sand architects.

From Grandma to Auntie Rissa!

We ran into a friend of Preston's from soccer and then all of the boys made their way out to the dock to look for fish and try to catch one!

Even Gavin went out there to help them!

No fish.  But they gave it a good try.

Then we did some jumping off the diving board on the dock.  Preston is always down for jumping off the diving board.  He loves the dang thing.  Doesn't love so much that if he wants to jump off the diving board he has to wear a life jacket.  Safety first!

After I jumped off, Olivia said she wanted to jump too.  So I jumped back off the diving board and then Shannon walked out with her and we asked her again if she wanted to jump and she said yes.  But didn't actually jump.  So I had Shannon toss her to me.  Big girl jumping off the diving board...kind of!

We stayed and played until we couldn't stay and play anymore.

And then I made the kids sit and smile before we left! 

And away we went.  But we will be back!

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