Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hoopfest Party

Every year my Aunt and Uncle throw a summer party to celebrate the end of our towns basketball tournament.  This year was the first party at their new house!  With their new pool!

Which was such a hit!  Seriously.  My kids didn't want to get out at all.  Heck none of us wanted to get out.  It was outside and the pool felt good!

Olivia was jumping and swimming like a big girl.  Preston found the flippers and mask and snorkel.

I had planned on getting in just not being thrown in by Jessie.  Good thing I had my suit on under my dress. 

After that I threw my Mom in because I didn't want her to feel left out.  Then Trey threw Sheli in.  It was a pool party after all. 

Everyone had a blast!

We stayed and swam until it got dark!

Before we headed home Preston got a chance to shoot off Grandpa Ron's potato gun!  He might have loved it.  Loved it.

We went home with Preston begging to go back and begging for Brad to make him a potato gun!

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