Monday, June 29, 2015

Nail Painting With Auntie Shannon

Olivia got some girl time with Auntie Shannon.

Nail painting!

She was over the moon.  Shannon painted her fingers and toes.  Then add sparkles.  And flowers.  It was adorable!  Lucky girl!

Checking out her pretty painted toes!

She only sat still long enough for me to get a photo when she was sleeping!

Aren't they pretty!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hoopfest Party

Every year my Aunt and Uncle throw a summer party to celebrate the end of our towns basketball tournament.  This year was the first party at their new house!  With their new pool!

Which was such a hit!  Seriously.  My kids didn't want to get out at all.  Heck none of us wanted to get out.  It was outside and the pool felt good!

Olivia was jumping and swimming like a big girl.  Preston found the flippers and mask and snorkel.

I had planned on getting in just not being thrown in by Jessie.  Good thing I had my suit on under my dress. 

After that I threw my Mom in because I didn't want her to feel left out.  Then Trey threw Sheli in.  It was a pool party after all. 

Everyone had a blast!

We stayed and swam until it got dark!

Before we headed home Preston got a chance to shoot off Grandpa Ron's potato gun!  He might have loved it.  Loved it.

We went home with Preston begging to go back and begging for Brad to make him a potato gun!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Photos With My iPhone 107

This week.


Love these baby snuggles.


Morning snuggles on the couch with these two.
Shhhh don't tell Preston!


Up early and exhausted early.
Little Digimon.
OMG.  This little guy followed us all the way home.  I had to climb out the backseat.
Meanwhile Preston raced to grab his bug kit and catch the creeper.  Yuck!


"Mama I's a princess...right?"  Yes baby always!
Sharing the baby pool.  Instead of the big pool. 

Until next week.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Swim Lessons

We did another round of swim lessons. This time we did a group lesson. Didn't love it as much as the single. But Preston loved it. It was a little different this go around in that me and Olivia watched and waited outside the pool area with all the other parents. So that we weren't a distraction I guess. Finally on the last lesson we got to go in and watch! Oh the excitement!

Almost as exciting as the fact that at the last lesson the kids got to go over to the deep end and practice their diving! 

Not nearly as fun when Olivia started trying to take her clothes off and telling me that she was going to swim too!  Ummm not quite baby girl.

Preston had a blast!  And loved swimming in the deep end! 

He even got a certificate when it was all said and done!

He's pretty much got the hang of this swimming thing, but I think we'll do a few more lessons just to get better and more comfortable.  The comfortable part being me.  Preston is already convinced that he's ready for the Olympic swim team! 

Birthday Dinner

It's my birthday! And we're going out to dinner.

Okay, that's actually a lie. My birthday was on the same day as Father's Day this year and that meant I totally gave up my day to let everyone else (ahem my Dad and Brad) have their day.

But still, let's pretend like it's my birthday!

We got dressed after a day at the lake!  Then I made the kids take some pictures.  Because they looked so cute!

As always Preston was less cooperative than Olivia.  He gets really tired of me taking his photo before Olivia does.

Not that this photo makes that seem like a real statement.

Poor sad baby.

Next up dinner!

We had a little bit of a fiasco that led to dinner being the hottest birthday dinner ever.  It was like we were sitting on the surface of the sun.  I had wanted to sit on the patio because it's just beautiful out there.  I had made reservations for the patio.  Then when we got there they told me we couldn't make reservations for the patio.  The hostess was just mean about it.  Then she didn't want to go out and check to see how long the wait was.  And after finally sending someone out to look when I asked her what ht wait was, she told me that she couldn't make people eat faster and so I would just have to wait.  RUDE!  And this is not the kind of place where that happens.  I was so irritated I just wanted to leave.  It was my birthday dinner, I just wanted a fancy martini, to sit on the patio, and not have people be rude and mean to me.  So we waited for a patio table because at that point I had thrown my foot down and decided I could not would not eat anywhere else.  Childish I know. 

We got our table.  And I got my drink!

And it was unbearably hot!  Awful.  We should have eaten inside.  Also the patio was empty.

We made the best of it! 

Even though we all literally were taking bathroom breaks just to experience the air condition.  Sorry family!

But the drinks were good!  The food was tasty!  And the dessert was amazing. 

Me and Riss after dinner. 

I wanted a photo with everyone but after eating dinner on the surface of the sun no one really wanted to post for any photos!

All that sun made me and my girl sleepy so when we got home we jammied it up and hopped in bed.  To snuggle and watch a movie!

Happy Birthday to me!  Twenty-eight is going to be great!  Like what I did there?