Thursday, May 7, 2015

Walk Downtown

We met friends to walk and ended up heading into downtown to hang out for a few hours!

We rode the carousel, which made Olivia's whole day!

Girl loves her some horses!  She was a little nervous at first but didn't want to get off by the end.

After the horses we realized that it was free day for the gondolas.  Heck to the yes!

Olivia both loved and hated the gondolas.  She thought it was fun.  While also being worried that we'd fall out  I kept telling her we were safe!  We could just enjoy the waterfalls!

We grabbed some lunch before making our way back to the trails.  This time on the opposite side of the river for a change of pace!

A quick stop on the bridge to look at the rapids and then take a photo! 

We saw some marmots on the way back.  Some very friendly marmots.  The kids fed them french fries and I ended up grabbing Olivia when I thought the dang thing was going to come all the way up and sit in her lap for snacks!

It was a fun day!  Thank for meeting us Kelly and Ryan!

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