Saturday, May 2, 2015

Riss Goes To Prom

My baby sister is going to prom!

Well not her prom.  It's her boyfriends.  But prom!!

Olivia and I headed over to take some photos and see them off. 

It's a good thing too.  Since between me, Gavin, and youtube we were able to figure out how to tie that dang bow tie thing!

Don't they look fantastic together!? 

I think Gavin might have been feeling a little over it by that last photo.  Sorry!

Olivia and I hopped in for a couple of photos with them in all their prettiness!

My parents with Riss and Gavin!

Matt showed up too!

Best brother and sister ever...obviously!

Me and Riss! 

Olivia had to get in on this one...even though she was totally over taking photos by this point! 

My Mom and Marrissa!

My parents with their baby!

Prettiest girl at prom for sure!

I know, we took about a bazillion photos!  And all in like ten minutes.  We work fast.  But it's prom people!

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