Saturday, May 30, 2015

Photos With My iPhone Week 103

This week.


Grandma bought her chocolate milk and they added whipped cream!
My Mom asked me to write Marrissa's note excusing her from school.  Riss didn't like this one.
Or this one.  She's so dang picky.
Drinking the last drops of my latte. This girl.


Liv brought me a snack.
Best little girl ever!
Helping me paint!
Building with blocks together.
Just a little shoe shopping.
Brad was playing with the boys.


Lost my fitbit at Target.  Found it the next day! 
A little shopping.
She had to have this hat.  And shirt.  It's for Disneyland!
Party shopping!

Pizza for the sister's birthday.

My girl!
Where did Olivia go!?

Until next week!

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