Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nicole's Bridal Shower

Why make a three hour each way road trip all in one day? Because one of your besties is getting married and it's her bridal shower of course!

I roped Riss and Gavin into coming with me so that I wouldn't have to drive alone. And so that I could have some adult beverages to celebrate!

We left home at the bright hour of six am.  It was a little rough.

Not as rough as almost running out of gas on the freeway when you have almost twenty miles to the nearest gas station!  I didn't notice my car was empty until it was really empty.  As in gas light on, 12 miles to empty.  We still had ten miles to go when my car said *** to empty!  Stressful times.  Luckily it was all downhill and we made it!

It was worth it!

After the party Nicole and I hitched a ride back with her future mother-in-law back to her house and did a little day drinking and catching up before Rissa and Gavin arrived to pick me up and take me home!

We made a stop on the way home for gas and water.  And for photos obviously.

Not only did I get to spend the day celebrating one of my BFF's happily ever after but I also got a road trip in with these two crazies too!  Good times!

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