Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

It's Mother's Day!!

Notice the difference in my sisters just by their text message to me that morning.  

We started the day with Starbucks because that's what Mama requested!  And then grabbed sandwiches and headed to meet my parents, siblings, and Kaylee and family.  We were all going hiking! 

Even Jessie agreed to go.  Even though she hates hiking.  And all outdoor things.  Ha! 

We headed to a trail we'd never hiked before that promised a waterfall at the end.  Win for everyone! 

I didn't bring Olivia the ergo because usually she is such a good little hiker.  She was not feeling it. She was bringing up the rear big time!

Meanwhile Preston was taking the lead with Marrissa and Bob and Matt!  With everyone else spread out along the middle. 

What was supposed to be around a one mile hike turned out to be way longer!  Ooops. 

We hiked about 3-3.5 miles in and then were at the bottom of the hill leading to the waterfall.  Everyone asked me what I wanted to do since we had Olivia and no ergo and I was like we got this far let's go.  I think the hope to continue and turn back was equally split between everyone!

The hike up was rough.  I was all uphill.  And switchbacks.  Me and Brad had to take turns carrying Olivia because I thought I might die. 

Halfway up the view was pretty nice!

Jessie had signed up for a mile.  At this point she wasn't really feeling it. 

We made it!  And ummm the waterfall.  Yeah it was pretty small and unimpressive. 

There were lots of photos!

And then we began the hike back down.  Much easier than the hike up but still a work out!

Preston stuck like glue to Bob!  He pretty much thought he was the coolest person ever.  How cute are these photos of them!

Me and my Mama on Mother's Day!

Liv got chilly on the way down, luckily Kaylee had brought a sweater and let her borrow it!

Liv walked almost the whole way back to the car.  Most of it holding Bennie's leash.  Because that's how she rolls.  Only thing was that someone had to help hold onto her or the least because Bennie is a lot stronger than she is and he's a Mama's boy!

My Dad and Brad.

Finally we made it back to the car. Absolutely exhausted.  Somehow our one mile hike ended up being almost nine.  And I carried Olivia a good half-ish of it.  It was a work out!

Poor little girl was exhausted.  She fell asleep in the car on the way to my parents then stayed asleep when I pulled her out and put her back in to head home!

Happy Mother's Day all!

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