Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Weekend At The River

We headed up to the river to hang out and do some boating over Memorial weekend.  Just for the day. 

Olivia likes the boat a lot more this year!

While out riding around we ended up at the rope swing.  My little family had never been but everyone else had. 

Preston was beyond excited!  He was going to do the rope swing. 

First him and Brad took turns just riding it out and not dropping.  Test the whole thing out.

Meanwhile Olivia practiced driving the boat.  While it was parked.

Then she hopped in the passenger seat and grabbed on like this and I couldn't stop laughing.

Before long Olivia couldn't just hang out in the boat anymore while Brad and Preston were on the shore.

Preston was ready to jump!  He was even the very first one to do so!  Brave boy!  Not going to lie I was more than a little nervous about my baby boy holding onto a rope and dropping into the lake. 

He did it!  And he rocked it!

Then everyone else was ready to do it to!

Marissa.  Even while jumping she's smiling for the camera.



Preston a few more times because it was just so much fun!  He got braver too!

Riss again.

Matt showed up.  And tried to do a flip.  Tried.

Brad again!

Kasey was very graceful!


We grabbed some ice cream and snacks on the way back because who doesn't like ice cream and snacks.

Matt was helping Olivia shoot the air soft gun.  Because he is determined to give me a heart attack.

Off to do some fishing.  Preston was over the moon excited to fish with Uncle Matt!

I headed down to take some pictures and see how it was going.  How cute are they?

My little fisherman!

Preston didn't catch anything.  But Matt and Bob did.  Which was almost just as exciting for Preston.

Back at it.

Matt caught another one!  It was huge!  Ha!

And another.  Matt and Bob had some teamwork going on reeling it in.

It was a bit bigger! 

Olivia came down with Brad to check things out.  And kept trying to jump off the dock or race around and freak me out.  She didn't last long down there.

Much happier back up at the trailer!

Little Miss insisted on wearing her bathing suit bottoms with her jammies.  And then attacking Grandpa with the fly swatter because she kept saying she saw a bug.

My little family!

Notice Olivia.  I think she'd had enough out of him.

Olivia made it approximately five minutes before passing out on the way home.

Preston of course made it all the way home.  Then tried to fake sleep so that we would carry him in.  Sorry kid, you're too big for that these days!

We all had a good time!

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