Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hiking With Friends

We met up with friends this morning to do some hiking. In an area close to our houses that somehow we've never explored.

Liv was ready.  She even brought her dog.  

It ended up being even better than we all expected!  There was a main trail that branched off to all these little trails.  That had all these little creeks and waterfalls.  The kids loved it!

Me and Bethany were HOT! 

The kids didn't care how hot it was because WATER!

My favorite little boy.

Daddy's girl.

Liv might have been having some fun too!

After dragging the kids out of the first stop, we were going to head back.  But then Brad led us all down another trail.

Where there was more water.  Only this water was deeper and bigger!

My littles may have never wanted to leave.

Until Brad told us him and Paul had found another area!  An even better spot. 

How beautiful is that giant waterfall.

We were pretty excited.

The kids weren't content to just be by the waterfall.  Nope.  They had to explore it.

My fam bam.

The hike back was a little rough.  It was uphill.  I wanted to die.  It was hot by then.  And we'd already hiked downhill.  But we survived.  Taking a few selfies along the way.

Next time we head back with coolers and lunch and a plan to hang out for the day!

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