Sunday, May 31, 2015

Soccer Tournament 2015

The Blue Lightning had their final soccer tournament as a team!

Brad was away on a work trip, don't feel too bad for him it was more of a boys golfing trip with the guys he works with.  So it was just me and the kids.  Plus Marrissa who stayed to help me get everyone there kind of on time.

Our first game was at 8am.  It was rough.  I don't think Preston or any of our family was awake just yet.

An early morning game didn't hold the Blue Lightning back.  They won, six to five!

We had an hour in between games.  And spent it at the playground.  And buying snacks.  And using the bathroom!

Preston and Zack!  BFF's since they were babies.  Soccer buddies for the last three years!

Game two we're ready for you!

The boys again played hard!

It was a hard fought battle.  The boys did their best, but lost four to six.  First lost of the season.  Plus Preston took a ball to the chest pretty hard.

Day two!

Our first game was at 10am.  Much better!  Plus Brad was home!  It's so much easier getting everyone ready and out the door when it's not just me!

Preston played his little heart out!  He was all over the place!  I was so proud of him!  Seriously the best game he played all season! 

He had complained after the last game that sometimes when he went for the ball someone on his team would get there first and he was the back defense.  I had explained to him that because sometimes he doesn't pay complete attention his team can't fully count on him so they never know when they need to step in and when he's got things under control.  Apparently he took those words to heart and fully paid attention this game and showed just how hard he could work his little butt off!

Of course I have no photos of that game.  The boys won again, six to one!

But I do have photos of the next one!

Preston played amazing again!  Coach even commented on the change of pace and how awesome he was playing!

Preston took another ball to the face.  But he shook it off and kept going!  That's my boy!

Blue Lightning won the last and final game they played together as a full team!  Two to nothing.

Olivia was pretty excited for them!

The Blue Lightning!

We all headed to a park for pizza and desserts and a team celebration! 

Preston and Coach Hank!

He might have been a little bit excited for his trophy!

The team went in and got our coach a gift card!

Olivia was just excited that even though she didn't play she still got a cupcake!

We headed over to the park to play!

Preston was loving the splash pad with his team!

We're going to miss our team!  Glad they went out with an awesome tournament!

Mowing The Lawn

The time has come...Preston is mowing the lawn!

Brad let him do a few rows and then a section of the backyard.  He was SO excited!  Preston. Not Brad.  That's a lie.  They were both so excited!  Preston because he got to mow.  Brad because he didn't have to! 

Preston did say it was harder than he thought it would be.  Something tells me the excitement of this one will wear off pretty quick!  But until it does whoop! 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shock Game

You know what happens when you have two tickets to an arena football game? You have the menfolk watch the kids and the Mama's get a night out! Oh yes!

There were drinks.  And nachos.  And a pretzel with cheese!  It was amazing.

Almost as awesome as a kid free night with this lady!

Thanks for the ticket and the invite Bethany!