Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Last Time We Nursed

You would think that after nursing Olivia for the last twenty-two months, it wouldn't be so sad to have nursed her for the last time.  I'm not saying I wasn't done.  Ready to have my body back to myself.  Well as back to myself as possible with two kids.  But after nine months of being pregnant and twenty-two months I was ready to be just myself.

But still sad.

My littles aren't easy to quit nursing kids.  At least not when I'm around.

I'm a pretty strong-willed person.  But oh dear God.  When I try to wean them I always give up.  It's two am, they want to nurse I want to sleep.  Means they keep nursing and I fail at weaning.

However if I go out of town for just one night, it all works out.  Even better all of a sudden everyone starts sleeping all night long.  All night.  It's magical.

Plus added bonus, I get to get away with my girlfriends overnight.

With both kids it's a big overnight.  I quit nursing.  They start sleeping through the night.  AND it's my first night away from my baby.

It worked with Preston.  So it was now Olivia's turn.

Somehow knowing that it was the last time we were going to nurse was just so sad that morning.  I struggled.  I wanted to snuggle.  And really just enjoy our last moments.  I even took a picture.

Obviously she'll still be my baby. Because duh.  But still there was some growing up happening.  I'm definitely going to miss our just us nursing moments.

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