Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break Beach Morning

When you wake up and you can see the ocean and the beach, you have to head down to play and explore!

Even if it looks a little chilly.  Throw on some coats and boots and get going!

Preston and Madison were ready!  They couldn't wait to get to the beach!  Plus seriously how cute are they sitting outside waiting for us?

Jen was ready before the rest of us so she volunteered to take Preston and Madison down since they were so ready to see the water! 

You'd think that since it was a little chilly.  Heck even a little more than a little chilly, Jen and I were downright cold, the kids would have stayed out of the water.  Not so, Preston and Madison were all up in that water!

Finally Olivia made it down to the beach too!

She loved all of the sand! Baby girls first time on the Oregon Coast!

Riss and Gavin liked the beach too!

We had some catching up to do to get as far down the beach as Jen, Madison, and Preston.

Liv went racing towards the water and I was sure she was going to get soaked just like Preston and Madison.  Only she stopped and refused to go any closer!  Totally content to just throw rocks and sand.  My much more cautious little girl!

We finally caught up!

Across the little D'River were all the seals!  I wanted to stay and watch but the kids had other ideas.

Like playing in the water.  And heading back to the ocean!

While Preston and Madison were content to be right at the water.  Olivia preferred to watch safely from a distance with Grandpa!

The water was a little rough! It was low tide when we got down to the beach and you could see it slowly starting to come up.  Plus there were seals hanging out in the water right in front of us!

I kept trying to get Preston to care about the seals but he was like OCEAN, WAVES, SAND.  No interest in the seals.

I just wanted them to smile with the water in the background.  Much like their parents this is what I got.  When I ask Brad and Jen to smile I pretty much get the same response.

Seals!  They kept letting Marrissa get so close!  She kept slowly moving towards them and they were doing the same.  My Dad called her the seal whisperer and my Mom wanted her to stop!

My girl again hanging back away from the water with the grandparents.

While Preston and Madison race from the waves that keep getting closer!  Or just sit to play.

How big does Olivia look standing on the beach with her hand in her pocket!

Finally my Dad called us all back.  The tide was coming up and if we waited too long our little strip of land was going to be all the way under water.  It had already started to become an island.

Preston headed up the dunes, while Olivia followed Grandpa and Grandma back down to the waterline.

My parents were walking the beach and we were headed up because there was sand everywhere. 

But first there was this mountain of sand to climb.  And roll around in. 

If there wasn't sand everywhere before, there definitely was by the time we got up and over this hill!

The kids found a little fort made out of driftwood and of course Preston had to climb it.

When we were all done cleaning sand out of places it had no business being, we were greeted to sunshine on the beach!  It was absolutely gorgeous. 

It wasn't supposed to last long though.  Rain was expected and we were headed into town to grab lunch and do some exploring and shopping.

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