Monday, April 6, 2015

Lincoln City Or Bust

Bright and early. We were on the road. Headed to the beach for Spring Break! With my parents, Marrissa, Gavin, Jen, and Madison!

I met loaded and ready to go at my parents at 6am.  It was a little rough.  And they were all finally ready and we hit the road a little before seven.

We stopped for breakfast and a bathroom break and Olivia talked Grandma into this Frozen magazine!  Obviously she enjoyed it!

A few more stops for bathrooms and gas and we made it to Portland!  And Ikea!

Olivia was pissed that I told her no.  And threw herself down on the floor to riot about it. 

We got there late.  Way later than we'd planned.  But we made it!  And then rushed off to dinner because holy starving!

I know these two cousins were so excited to see each other! 

Olivia was just excited to be out of the car.  And on the bunk bed!

Tomorrow vacation starts!

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