Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Party Fun

We got invited to an Easter party over at Preston's friend, Payton's house! Okay they are all of our friends but Preston and Payton being friends is how we all met!

The weather was just fabulous and perfect for playing outside!

Olivia for sure was loving it!

Bethany is all crafty and made these little bunnies for the kids to decorate to put their candy in after the egg hunt!

I might have yelled "hey kids candy!" to get them all to look over here!  Whatever works.

While the kids were crafting the Easter eggs were being hidden!

It was time for the egg hunt to start!  

Preston was not thrilled that he had to give the littler kids a head start but he definitely made up for that head start once he got to get started, he was all over the place!

Liv was small.  And it took her a minute to figure out what the heck she was supposed to be doing with all of these eggs.  But then she was on it!  Watching Preston race around collecting them definitely helped.  My kids might have a little bit of competitiveness in them!

The family!

I might have begged and pleaded with him to get him to stand still and kind of smile.

The goodies!

We stayed and played a lot longer than we'd planned! Everyone was just having so much fun! Thanks for the invite Bethany!

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