Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

It's Easter!

The kids were up and ready to find their baskets!

Olivia found her goodies first!

Preston took an extra minute, but I think he was excited about what was in his basket when he found it!

Livi had some fun finding Easter eggs around the house and then eating the candy inside.

After enough candy to last a week had been eaten in a single morning, we got dressed and ready to head over to my parent's house to spend the day celebrating with family.

But first.  Pictures!

How stinkin' cute are these two!?  Cutest kids I've got for sure! 

When we got to Grandpa and Grandma's house, Preston and Olivia were excited that there were more presents from Grandpa and Grandma and Auntie Jessie!

Anna and Elsa and all sorts of Pokemon.  I think it's safe to say that everyone knows what Preston and Olivia are into these days.

We hung out, Marrissa took some selfies on my phone, the kids played with all their new toys.  We ate.  And ate.  And ate some more.  Easter dinner was had.  It was good!  Just like Thanksgiving.  Only Easter.  Mmmmmmm!

Finally it was time for the main event. What the kids had all been waiting for.  The Easter egg hunt!  It was serious business. The kids weren't messing around. 

There were eggs everywhere.  But did knowing that there were more than enough for everyone to fill their baskets slow the kids down.  Not a chance.

Olivia gave up before all of the eggs were found.  She just wanted to eat what was inside the eggs.  Girl knows she likes her chocolate.

Matt hopped up on the roof.  And was throwing eggs at me.  Not cool.  Those things hurt!

Meanwhile Preston and Mason kept right on hunting all the eggs around the yard.  Preston was even climbing inside bushes to get the eggs.  Apparently Uncle Matt and Brad were throwing eggs anywhere and everywhere.  Keep things interesting.

Grandpa helped Olivia find some of the harder eggs.

Someone put some eggs up high.  Preston wasn't about to let that keep him from getting them.

Olivia was over it.

Mason was over it too.  Or rather not happy that he dropped an egg and it rolled down the hillside and Preston found it for the second time. 

Egg hunting is pretty cut-throat.

After everyone had eaten their fill of the candy, I took more photos of all the littles!

Getting them to smile was no easy task! 

But when I call out, "show me your mean faces" it's instantaneous.  

That's why I love these kids!

My sweet girl all sugared up.

More photos of all the fam because I kind of like them.

Grandpa took on all three kids in a sword fight.

He lost.  But he fought hard.  He was just outnumbered.

The whole Easter crowd! Minus Julia since she left early to head back to college.  Dang that learning thing.

When all of the excitement died down we headed inside for some quiet.  Olivia played with some play-doh and trains.

Before snuggling in and passing out on the couch.  Early.  Like not even 7pm early.  She was tired!

Marrissa did the same.  Only she was less adorable about it.

Preston and Mason were off doing boy things in the play room.  It was not fun trying to drag Preston out of there to head home.

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter!  I know we did!

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