Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Preston's Leprechaun Trap

After a weekend of hard work building in the garage, an afternoon of spray painting in the front yard, and a night of decorating; Preston's leprechaun trap was ready! 

We set it to test it out before Preston brought it to school for St Patrick's Day.  Loaded it full of gold and moved it outside to see what would happen.  The next morning when Preston got up and looked the trap door had closed.  He was all sorts of excited and nervous!  He brought it inside and waited for me to come sit next to him while he looked.  Who knew what would be inside!

From the looks of things he'd caught a leprechaun but the dang thing had taken all of our chocolate gold coins and escaped!

My boy with his leprechaun trap!

He's already brainstorming ideas for what to change up for next year!

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