Saturday, March 7, 2015

Photos With My iPhone Week 91

This week.


He's so sweet and little when he sleeps.
Can you guess what my Dad wrote and what Preston added?
Headed into his basketball celebration!


She found her headband and put it on all by herself.
She insisted on caprisun.  Took one drink and was over it.  And trying to get a new one.
Checking for mail.
Excuse the mess.  My kids are making memories and playing together.


On our way to get brother!
New "neigh" jammies!


Grandma got her a new baby!
Nothing like a stop at the park after picking Preston up!
The upper body strength.  My arms hurt just looking at him.
Cupcake numero dos.
Dinner!  And it was good.


It's a rough life.
Lucky kids with great grandparents.
I mean for real, great grandparents

Until next week.

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