Sunday, March 29, 2015


The weather gets nice and we get hiking.

We explored a new area today. Along the river.

We stopped a few times to play and throw rocks in the water!

Then a little more hiking.

Before stopping again to play at the water. 

We hiked.  And found a tree for the kids to walk across.

It was a group effort.

Olivia just wanted to walk with "Nama".

Making her way across the big tree with Grandpa.  She was a little bit excited to be a big girl.

While Olivia was off crossing her log, Preston had found one of his own.  A big boy log to cross!  He rocked it.  At some point he got big enough to do this all on his own.

The road ended with a stop at the water.  Shocking right?

At this point I had completely given up on keeping Preston from getting his feet wet.  He was openly jumping and walking through the water to get to the rocks he wanted.  I warned him over and over that we were going to have to walk back and he just didn't care.  He walked back without a single compliant.  My water boy.

We played a while longer before it was time to head back.

The boys found a giant log and wanted to send it out to sea but had a hard time getting it going on their own so Grandpa helped them out.

With that it we headed back.

Olivia had collected rocks along the way and put them in her pockets and on the way back when she would run they would bounce out along the way.  It was pretty hilarious.

The boys found sticks on our hike and then this giant pile of bark when we hit the parking lot.  So obviously they had to climb in and have a sword fight.

We stopped for yogurt on the way back.  The kids might have been pretty excited.  Olivia even got her very own.

I cannot say enough how much I am loving this warmer Spring!

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