Sunday, February 8, 2015

Preston's First Sleepover

Preston was invited to his first sleepover!

Not going to lie my very first reaction was uh no. Not gonna happen. But Brad told me he'd be fine. That he'd have fun. And we knew the parents. So I relented.

And away he went.

He might have been a little excited!

On the drive over he was a little bit nervous and asked me to stay and hang out for a little bit.  And then what he would be eating and what if this and what if that.  I reassured him that if he changed his mind I would come and pick him up no matter what time.

I dropped him off, hung out for a few while he forgot all about me, and then headed home.

It was so weird not having him at home.

Checked in with Bethany, Payton's mom, a couple of times to see how it was going.  She let me know he'd done a little bit of talking back (shocking right?) but that things were good otherwise. 

I half expected to get a call after I went to bed telling me he wanted me to come get him but nope he made it all night.  And then had to be dragged out of there the next morning.  How did he get this big?!

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