Friday, February 13, 2015

Preston's First Grade Valentine's Day Party

It's time to celebrate Valentine's Day in Preston's class! He was all sorts of excited!

Can we get a holla for the fact that his shirt from last year fits again this year!  Olivia's does too!  I call that saving money people!

Preston asked me to come hang out for his class party.  Liv was pretty excited to see Preston and headed over to pop a squat on his lap.

Going through his Valentine's Day cards from his class!

Preston got a Frozen Valentine from one of the girls in his class and because he is an awesome big brother he gave it to Olivia after she got all sorts of excited to see it!

Preston's class had earned an extra recess with the principal for good behavior in the halls!  Since Olivia and I were there Preston asked us to come too!

His principal really is totally awesome!  The kids got to go outside with him for about fifteen minutes and he bounced from group to group hanging out with them!

Hanging with some friends before we headed home.

Obligatory photos when we got home.

How freaking cute is Olivia.  I mean she kills me with how adorable she is!

My big boy!  How he is not the same size as Olivia anymore is completely beyond me.

I think she might have been over it?  Ha!

It was a good day for a pre-Valentine's celebration!

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