Sunday, February 22, 2015

Family Hike In February

When the sun is shining and it's warm enough to play outside in FEBRUARY, you take advantage!

We went hiking! 

Preston was all sorts of excited to climb the huge rock! 

Preston climbed the rock so obviously Olivia wanted to too.

Family photo!

A quick water break.

And away we go!

Preston kept asking to go down to the water, so finally we found a spot and did.  With a big warning not to climb in or get too close!  It was not that warm!

We hiked up the rocks!  And stopping for photos along the way.

Pit stop.  Preston carved our initials in the dirt!

So then Liv had to draw too.

While Brad carved in the bench tree.

Liv insisted on hiking back.  With her hands in her pockets.  Or yelling that we put her on Brad's shoulders.  She did not love that.

Meanwhile Preston had to lead the pack. I actually had to ask him to slow down and wait for us a few times! 

I see a lot of hiking in our future this year!

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