Saturday, February 21, 2015

Basketball Game Number Seven

Things got interesting in game number seven. My Mom offered Preston up a prize.

The problem with not keeping score is that there isn't a goal for the end of the game.  We're competitive people.  So my Mom gave Preston something to work for.  She promised him $10 for every basket he made.  A bit excessive I told her.  But hey it's her money and Preston wants to go to college m'kay.

I missed the game because Olivia was running a fever and just a complete mess of sickness. Instead I called and sent texts and was sent videos.  Preston was on fire! 

He wanted that money.  He was working his butt off for it.  He was asking for the pass.  He was shooting.  He was all over the court.

He made a basket! 

Everyone said it was like it all just clicked and he got it. 

I hate that I missed it. 

My Mom changed things up when they got there and told him that he would get $10 for every basket and $1 every time he shot. 

He made one basket.  He shot the ball four times. 

Brad said he played his little heart out!

Grandma was feeling particularly generous and sent him home with $20.

Even better he came home with a renewed love of basketball!  He had fun!  He was proud.  The last few games he's kind of left just over the whole thing and a little burned out.  But today when he got home he was all pumped up! 

We can't wait for next week!

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