Saturday, February 28, 2015

Basketball Game Number Eight

Game eight! Preston's last basketball game!

Olivia was pretty excited to watch!  Basketball is serious business!

Probably Preston's favorite part of basketball all season, running in after your team and name is announced!

Grandma offered another reward if he played his heart out and we'll never be able to say that Preston doesn't respond well to prizes.  He played awesome!  Seriously all over the court, fighting for the ball, refusing to give up, his head was in the game!

He even scored a basket!  Go Preston!

I think he's going to miss basketball a little bit now that the season is over!

Photos With My iPhone Week 90

This week.


We walked for milkshakes!
And icees!


Preston grabbed himself a pair of gloves that didn't have fingers. And I realized it when we were half way to school.  So we traded.  Not exactly my style.


Forever friends.


Brad was out of town for three days.  This is what happened when he came home.  I think they missed him.


Intruder!  Looks super cute right.  That literally created like five loads of laundry for me.  It's not so fantastic when your cat sneaks into the house and your allergic son's bed. 


Grandma gave her some money!  Liv loves putting money in her piggy bank!

Until next week!

Friday, February 27, 2015

School Movie Night

Preston's school put on a free movie night. They played The Lorax. Apparently there was a school wide vote and that was the winner. It was not what Preston voted for in case you were wondering. He was hoping The Cat In The Hat would win instead. Even though it wasn't his first choice we went anyways! Well after I realized that it was on Friday not Thursday so we hadn't missed out!

We brought our neighbor with us and after we arrived grabbed our candy and popcorn the boys found their friends to settle in for the movie.

Settle in briefly.  Then they were on the move.  After telling Preston to pop a squat so other people could watch the movie, they gathered up to play some Pokemon.

Olivia was having a lot of fun too!  She loves herself some popcorn.

The boys!  Pokemon is serious business peeps. 

All the popcorn and candy left Olivia feeling a little energized even though it was past bedtime!

It was a fun way to spend a Friday!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Family Hike In February

When the sun is shining and it's warm enough to play outside in FEBRUARY, you take advantage!

We went hiking! 

Preston was all sorts of excited to climb the huge rock! 

Preston climbed the rock so obviously Olivia wanted to too.

Family photo!

A quick water break.

And away we go!

Preston kept asking to go down to the water, so finally we found a spot and did.  With a big warning not to climb in or get too close!  It was not that warm!

We hiked up the rocks!  And stopping for photos along the way.

Pit stop.  Preston carved our initials in the dirt!

So then Liv had to draw too.

While Brad carved in the bench tree.

Liv insisted on hiking back.  With her hands in her pockets.  Or yelling that we put her on Brad's shoulders.  She did not love that.

Meanwhile Preston had to lead the pack. I actually had to ask him to slow down and wait for us a few times! 

I see a lot of hiking in our future this year!