Friday, October 31, 2014

Preston's First Grade Halloween Party

One of my favorite parts of Halloween now that Preston is in school is that his entire school does a costume parade!

I dressed Olivia up in her cat costume and we headed down to watch our favorite first grader dressed up as Snake Eyes!

There he is! 

Even the principal got in on the fun!

When the parade ended Olivia and I made our way to Preston's classroom for his Halloween party!

They played some candy sight word bingo.

While Snake Eyes was busy playing bingo my little kitty was entertaining herself by eating all the fishies!

My favorite party game, and Preston's too I think, was the donuts on a string.  His teacher had tied a string to the ceiling and then a bunch of donuts to other strings.  She would attach the donuts and then the kids each took a turn trying to get a bite of the donut...without using their hands!  It was hilarious!

He did it!

I took a turn on the donut game and it was hard!  Some of the kids made it look way easier than it was!

Olivia found the blocks!

Making some Halloween bracelets.

Olivia got to have a cookie snack with the big kids!

Preston and Addi! 

We had a lot of fun at Preston's Halloween party! 

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