Saturday, January 10, 2015

Photos With My iPhone Week 83

This week...


What happens when she likes something she sees.  She holds it up as if to see if it fits.
Her mean face.  Terrifying.
Puh-lease!  I NEED this dress! 


Hanging out while Preston practices basketball!


Insisted she needed the Frozen cereal.  Had to have it.  Walked into the living room to find her dumping it all out yelling, "Anna!  Olaf!"  Pretty sure she was under the impression that she would find them in the box. 
Hanging out with Caymbree.


All snuggled in.  My three.
Meeting Avayah for the first time!
Olivia loved seeing a real live baby!
Grandma snuck her some ice cream. 

Until next week!

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