Saturday, January 3, 2015

Photos With My iPhone Week 82

This week.


Pretty girl!  With her lip gloss on.


She LOVES the nieghs at Chuck E Cheese.


It's time she pulls her own weight around here.
Watching the fireworks for the new year!


Loving her new Beauty and the Beast teapot set from Grandpa and Grandma.
Brad got this little electrical set for Christmas and Preston loves it!


Checking out the Frozen Disney On Ice tickets.
Getting herself ready.
Ran to Costco with my parents.  Olivia found this Frozen storybook pillow.  Told Grandpa "peeeze" and he couldn't resist.  Liv took herself home a pillow.


Brought this one to the store with me.  In her new neigh slippers.  That she refused to take off.
Painting Preston's bedroom!

Until next week!

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