Thursday, January 8, 2015

Olivia's Valentine's Photos

When Danielle messaged me and asked if I could put an outfit together for Olivia and bring her over to be her little girl model for her Valentine's Day minis, I couldn't say yes fast enough! 

I was so excited! 

I mean seriously look at how cute Olivia and Lucas look together.  Future photo for their wedding slideshow perhaps?

Olivia was so dang cute!  And did so awesome.  I never know what to expect because sometimes she gets to shy in new places or with people she doesn't see all the time.  But she was a perfect little baby model!  See for yourself!

I don't even know how I am supposed to pick my favorite.  The one of her on the box and her little toes kills me.  Her little head cocked to the side is so adorable, especially because I know that it was the expression she made when I showed her a video of her new little cousin.  The last one zoomed in on her little smile.  Her standing with her smile that is just so sweet and innocent melts my heart.  I just love them all.  Not hard to believe since I love everything about this little girl!

When we were all done and chatting Danielle let Olivia bring her baby over to the photo area and then wrapped her up in one of her newborn props and gave her a little headband and laid her down on the stool for Olivia.  She loved it!  The perfect end to the session for my baby loving girl!  Even better Danielle snapped this photo of my baby and her "baby".

I am so thankful to have such a talented friend! 

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