Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mason's Fifth Birthday Party

Mason is five!  How is it possible that my favorite nephew isn't a baby anymore?!

His birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese!  We were pretty excited since we love that place too!

My big boy enjoying the jumping game!

Mason and his Daddy!

My Mom bought Preston a little Sven.  Olivia saw it and refused to put it down.  Frozen obsessed over here.

Auntie Jessie and Olivia.

Her very favorite thing to do at Chuck E Cheese is ride the carousel!  Everyone took a turn taking her for a ride.  Or two.  Or more.  Grandpa got stuck over there for like eight rounds.  Every time he tried to pull her off she told him no!  Ha!

Preston and Auntie Jessie!

Present time!  There was definitely a theme to the presents.  Skylanders all the way!  Mason was so cute too, he would open his new Skylanders and then after looking them over he would hand them to Preston for inspection.  It was pretty cute!

He LOVED all of his gifts!

The boys! 

Mason and his Mommy and Daddy.

Sneaky boy was stealing licks of his cake!  It's his party and he'll do what he wants!

We started singing and apparently we were pretty bad!  Mason was covering his ears the whole time!

Even when he blew out his candles!

Me and my best girl!  A rare moment where she wasn't on the carousel.

Oh look she's back! 

Playing a little skeetball.  When you're little you get to play different!

Grandpa and his boys racing some cars!

Me and the hubs!

I wanted a photo of my parents with their grand kids.  These were the best ones I got.  I'm blaming the kids.

Happy fifth birthday Mason! We love you!

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