Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

I'm pretty sure Preston and Olivia were the cutest little kitty and the most bad-ass Snake Eyes ninja ever!

I took Olivia out to play in the leaves and take a few (okay a lot) photos before we headed to see Preston in his costume parade at school.  She was loving it.

Don't lie, you think she's the cutest kitty you've ever seen too!

After school I brought my ninja out for some photos too!  He took his part very seriously.  I'm so glad he was on my team.  I might have been terrified.

My favorite ninja and kitty!

Our neighbors go all out for Halloween so we carefully headed over to their guard to borrow their decorations for a couple of photos. 

The one of Preston and Olivia with the gravestone and the ax cracks me up because it started with them both standing next to it and then Olivia started moving as I snapped the photo so now it looks like she's his victim! 

One last attempt at getting a photo of the two of them together.  It wasn't happening.  By this point they were both like are you serious, where is the candy?!

My poor sad kitty.  She was done taking pictures and just wanted to read the Dora book.

Trick or treating we're coming for you!

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