Sunday, January 4, 2015

Family Day

We spent Preston's last day of winter break at the local children's science center!  It was also Sue the Dinosaur's last day there.  We couldn't let her leave without stopping by to see her!

When we walked in we were greeted by a snake.  And an employee who really shouldn't work at a children's museum.  Sorry we told our kids that snakes say "sssss" lady.  I was not aware that they don't make any noise and we never should have told them that.  Strangely the snake zookeeper didn't feel the need to correct us of that even though you did.  Biatch.

The main event!  Sue!

She was fun.  And then they were over it.  I think me and Brad were more interested.  I really thought Preston would love the giant dinosaur.  And he did.  Just briefly.

There was more interest in the wind table!  Especially when Daddy made a swirly that went all the way up!  Preston was so proud.

I took Olivia over to play with the turtles.  She loved them!  Loved them.  She was hilarious to watch.  She would put her hands up for them.  But when they swam to close to her snack she would get mad at them and give them dirty looks!  When they would swim up to the glass she would get so dang excited!

We tracked our boys down at the switchboard table!  They were having a blast trying to light it up.  Kind of awesome for Preston since Brad got a smaller version for Christmas and they were playing with it over the weekend.

Oh look there's Sue again! 

No surprise that Preston found the water tables!  He's got a sense for where the water is!

They all got in on the water fun!

We headed upstairs to check things out.

Olivia and Brad took off while me and Preston stayed to play with this video wheel thing-a-maging.  I'm pretty sure that was the technical term. 

Preston drew a story in pictures on the long strip of paper and then we stuck them in the wheel and spun it and his movie lit up on the screen.  He didn't believe me at first when I told him how it all worked but then he thought the whole thing was so awesome! 

We even took a video of his video and he gave a little tutorial and background on what was going on.  His movie drawing was about skeletons and a graveyard.  Spoooky!

One of the kids favorite areas was this big spinning disk that you could set other spinning disks on.  It took some skill to get a couple of them going.  Preston and Olivia both had a lot of fun over here.  Thank goodness Brad is good at this kind of stuff, I couldn't get any of them going!

The music room!  Preston wasn't overly impressed but Olivia liked the table that played sound and sound circles!

We finished at the wall with the marble track.  Preston loved building all of the different tracks.  He did not want to leave! 

I made the kids stop to take a photo with Sue before we left.  Preston refused to take a photo that wasn't him running in terror.  Meanwhile Olivia wasn't feeling it.  It was a little bit hilarious!

Good-bye Sue!  It was a pleasure to meet you.

We headed to dinner at Chili's afterwards.  For what was possibly the worst dinner I've ever had with them.  Let's just say I'm not a fan of their new tablet system.  And I didn't love the service.

The people I ate with...I do love them!

A family day out was the perfect way to end Christmas break!

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