Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Like every year we spent Christmas Eve at my Aunt and Uncle's house! Only this year we spent it at their new house.

We walked in and were blown away by how many people were there!  There were thirty some adults and almost as many kids!  It was a house full.  The best way to spend the holiday is with your people and that is exactly what we did!

Auntie Rissa with her niece and nephews!

Jessie, Marrissa, and Olivia!

Present time!  The kids all do a gift exchange and Preston was so excited to open his gift from Trey!

Then Mason opened his gift from Lily!

Opening presents was one of the few times I saw these two boys all night.  They were off doing their own thing.  Which for Preston I'm told included climbing in the laundry chute.  But Trey did it.  Sorry kid, it's Trey's house!

Olivia was excited to open her gift from Alyse too!  She's so much more dainty than the boys about it!

Olivia and Alyse!

Olivia and Grandma!

Big girl wanted to sit in a chair all by herself and play with Grandpa's phone.  The same phone he forgot she had and left with her when he left!  Good thing we realized it before she set it down and it got lost somewhere.  Ha!

Olivia and Grandpa!

Hanging with Auntie Rissa.  Who Olivia just calls "Meow".  Mostly because she has pictures of her cat on her phone and will let Olivia look at them.

Me and my girl!

The adult gift exchange was next! There were way more people than there usually are and it was so much fun!  Brad ended up with a fake butt filled with scratch tickets.  And I went home with a Starbucks gift card.  Holla! 

True story!  Ha!

Olivia brought her baby and stroller and took them for a spin.

I dragged both kids in front of the Christmas tree to get a photo of them in the cute that is them in their Christmas outfits!

Just try to tell me you don't think they looked totally adorable!

I took a few more photos of just Olivia when Preston raced off!  I can't get over how cute she looked in her Christmas dress!  My pretty girl!


We headed home late to dress the kids in their Christmas jammies, set out cookies and chocolate milk for Santa, read Preston T'Was The Night Before Christmas (Olivia having already gone to sleep), and then Brad and I stayed up late wrapping the presents.  Because no matter how many times I say I will do it differently next year we already end up wrapping most of our gifts on Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours!

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