Saturday, January 31, 2015

Photos With My iPhone Week 86

This week...



Baby fashion star.
She wanted Daddy to take a picture too.


What can I say we aren't fans.


Baby pinata!
Couple of cuties!



Everyone else wore Seahawks colors.  We're representing.


Little Saturday morning reading.

Until next week.

Basketball Game Number Four

Basketball is a rollin'. Preston is still loving it.

As is Olivia.  She seriously sits right next to me or on my lap for the games completely riveted when Preston is in!  It's so cute.  She's his biggest cheerleader!

We had a little bit of fun with the camera today when he was out.  She's just so adorable!

Preston's in!  Time to stop with the selfies and focus.  Duh.

The Bruins played a great game!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Photos With My iPhone Week 85

This week.


Hanging like a big girl up in the tubes with boys!
I can handle this.  Gas for less than a dollar.


Buy all the Frozen things.  I swear she has a sense for them.


Changing her baby's diaper.
Livs new way of riding in the stroller.

Until next week.

Basketball Game Number Three

Game three!

You guys.  I cannot even express how much we love the tunnel at the start of the game.  It's like my favorite thing ever.

The Bruins played a good game!

The star ceremony after the game.  One of our favorite parts after every game!

Preston is having a lot of fun with basketball!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Olivia's Big Girl Bed

Liv never sleeps in her crib. Like really never does. I don't know why I make it such a big deal that the nursery gets all painted and put together because our kids don't sleep in their rooms for a couple of years. Co-sleeping for the win in our house.

Since she doesn't actually sleep in her bed, I had Brad convert it into a toddler bed so that she could at least climb in it by herself.

I think she likes it!

Donuts In The Morning

I woke up early.  By chance.  That never happens.  Like ever.  So we had to take advantage. I popped into Preston's room and told him if he got up and dressed fast we could go get some donuts for breakfast.  I don't know that he's ever gotten out of bed and dressed that fast in his life.  What can I say we are a family motivated by food.

The donuts were good!

Now if only we could start every morning like this!