Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Present Practice

I was putting some clothes away in our closet.  Wasn't even in there for the three minutes it takes for light to go back off.  I heard paper ripping in the living and figured Olivia had gotten into my notebook again.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the living room and found this.

Olivia hadn't fled the scene of the crime.  Or at least didn't for long.  She was just destroying the evidence.  Throwing the wrapping paper away.

When she realized I had walked into the room instead of trying to pretend she hadn't opened a present she was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement.  Yelling "BABY!  BABY!" and pointing. 

Seriously she destroyed that wrapping paper.  In minutes. I was shocked!

She wasn't so sure why if she had opened the present I would pull the baby out.  She would look at me say, "baby" and then "out".  "Baby out!" 

Sorry Little Miss it's not happening.  When she finally realized I wasn't going to pull the baby out, she attempted to put the wrapping paper back on it.  Such a sweet girl.  Almost wouldn't believe that she had just unwrapped a Christmas gift early.

I think Olivia is going to do just fine on Christmas morning.  It's just going to be getting her to wait that's a problem.

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