Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

Preston's class built gingerbread houses for their Christmas party!

We were in charge of bringing some of the frosting they were using to decorate.  Homemade frosting.  His teacher sent a recipe home and after making it I tasted it and it was terrible.  I asked her about it the next day and she told me we weren't supposed to eat it.  It's a professional gingerbread decorating recipe not for eating!  This is serious business!

Preston had so much fun decorating his house!  He made a walkway in front of his house with the frosting and put little trees down the sides of it.  He added licorice to the roof for decoration.  And candy all over the place!

Olivia got pretty lucky that one of the kids in Preston's class was sick so they had an extra house and Preston's teacher told her she could have it and decorate too if she wanted.  She was less interested in decorating and more interested in the bag of candy that came with it. 

My two little gingerbread house artists!

All sugared up!

Lucky for his teacher they ate all of the candy built their gingerbread houses towards the end of the day so she could send them home when the sugar rush really hit!

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