Monday, December 8, 2014

Cruise To The Northpole

As is tradition every year we headed out to CDA and hopped aboard a boat to journey to the North Pole!

We got off to a late start and picked up our tickets just in time to hop in line to head out to board the boat.

We saw the Grinch when we left for the Northpole! 

The boat we were on this year was much smaller than the ones we've ridden in the past.  It was kind of awesome!  Much less crowded.  Way less people.  Typically it's pretty packed and there isn't a lot of room to hang out inside.  This year we could move around without trying to dodge people.

It was also a lot warmer than usual.  Last year it was freezing.  This year while it wasn't warm it wasn't absolutely terrible when we were outside.

Me and my girl!

My favorite littles!

My people!

These boys.  Can't take them anywhere.

The P family!

Daddy and his girl!

While Brad and Olivia went inside to warm up, me and Preston stayed up top.  He might have been having a little bit of fun!  A real smile.  It's a rarity to catch on camera!

 I attempted a family selfie. 

We're almost there!

The North Pole!

Santa was funny this year!

Preston was very excited to hear that his name was on the nice list!  Olivia was too!

I knew how excited Preston would be since we've been a few times now.  But I wasn't sure what to expect from Olivia.  She was excited!  She was yelling and pointing.  Much like her brother she was also excited about the water!  I remember that being Preston's favorite part when he was littler!

Santa's workshop was beautiful!  This year he added a giant tree!

One last family photo!

We spent the ride back to CDA inside.  Preston wanted hot cocoa and we bought the biggest cookies I think I've ever seen.  Olivia was lucky and Preston shared the whipped cream on his hot cocoa with her!

That dang Grinch again!

We had a blast!  Let's hope both kids stay on the nice list until Christmas! 

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