Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Lights

An Christmas tradition for us for the last few years is to load into the car and drive around to look at Christmas lights.  Last night I got even more serious and asked on facebook for suggestions on where to look.  Then took it a step further and did some google searching for any can't miss them neighborhoods or houses.  Christmas lights are serious business people.

This year Mason came with us!

After a dinner of Red Robin take out, I took a few photos of the kids in their Christmas jammies!

Look how cute these boys are!

The three cousins!

Olivia wasn't feeling taking pictures in front of the tree!  Ha!

When we headed outside these three were full of energy!  The boys were racing around the yard and Olivia couldn't get down fast enough to run with them!  She loves playing with the big boys!

The first neighborhood we headed to was a bit of a drive.  The boys were antsy and just wanted to go home so they could play.  Who wants to see Christmas lights anyways.  Then we turned onto the street.  They switched from whhhhhyyyyyy are we here to WHOA look at that and that and that! 

The whole street was lit up!  Everywhere you looked.  The highlight being the huge tree that had lights down each branch!  It was amazing.  So much so that we turned around and drove back down the street to see it all again.

After seeing the coolest light up Christmas tree ever, we headed to our next stop.

Things got a little chaotic there.  It was so busy.  With limited parking.  I wanted a spot where the kids would be able to get out of their car seats and watch.  Spots that other people kept taking!  Even though we were waiting our turn.  I started to get cranky.  Brad started to get cranky.  We had to tap it down and wait.  Finally a spot opened up and we let the kids all climb in the front seat and watch the show!  It was awesome!  They may even have popped out the sunroof to watch.

We headed home after.  It was late.  The kids were totally Christmas light'd out. 

Mason was spending the night so after putting Olivia to bed, I headed back upstairs to watch a movie with these two crazies! 

They fell asleep late.  Like I could barely keep my eyes open late.  They might have crashed hard.  Ha!

We headed back out tonight to look at some lights in another neighborhood close to us.  A favorite of ours the last couple of years.  I love Christmas season!

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