Saturday, November 15, 2014

Christmas Minis

My friend Danielle's photography company hosted a weekend of Christmas minis. I signed up as soon as she posted about them because I love her photos and love even more having her take them of Preston and Olivia!  Plus Christmas cards.  Duh!

She brought Preston back into her studio first.  He went all on his own.  Like he's a big boy or something.  It was kind of fun because it meant that we were really surprised when she sent us his photos!  We had no idea what poses he had done or props he had used.  

Preston taking a sip from the hot cocoa cup filled with marshmallows was our very favorite! 

Olivia was up next!  She took her time warming up.  Not exactly ideal for a mini session but that's our girl. 

I just loved Olivia's outfit!  And her little smile as she warmed up to the setting!

Next up was my two littles!  Aren't they just the cutest brother and sister you ever did see!

By some miracle of miracles (a Christmas miracle even!), Danielle managed to get a photo of all three of them smiling!  A good one! 

Now to order and find room on my walls! 

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