Sunday, November 30, 2014

Not Sure You Fit Little Doll

Baby girl thinks she's baby enough to fit in her doll stroller!

The Christmas Tree Hunt

Finding our Christmas tree this year got off to a bit of a rough start. It was freezing. Like full on we almost cancelled freezing. Think ten degrees. While I can tough it out with minimal whining I wasn't so sure the kids could. So we bundled. A lot. Which meant that I had to do a lot of packing of all of the things they would be wearing to stay warm. So we were late meeting my parents at Starbucks. Yes, we met to get our Christmas tree at Starbucks. It was early!

Then we drive almost forty-five minutes to get the tree farm we've been going to for the last few years only to arrive to an empty parking lot. At first we were like score, we've got the whole place to ourselves. After realizing we didn't see any employees either we checked their website to see what time they opened. Oh in an hour. No big deal. I knew we shouldn't have gone so early but my Dad wanted to miss as little of the Steelers game as possible so we met early.

We opted to head to a different farm instead of waiting the hour for this one to open. It was a little bit ironic because we got to that tree farm just as the first one was opening and then had to dress the kids in all their snow gear to keep them warm in the now seventeen degree weather. Never mind that there was actually no snow.

It all worked out though!

Because we got a Christmas tree!

But first we had to find it.

There were a couple of almost good enough trees.

Before we found the one!

And my boys got to work cutting it down.

Meanwhile in other areas of the tree farm my parents and siblings were trying to find their own tree that was almost as good as ours.  Olivia got tired of waiting and headed off in search of them.

All bundled up but still the cutest kids I think this tree farm has ever seen!

Poor Olivia could barely move in all of her snow gear.  At least she was warm!

This photo totally cracks me up for some reason.  It's like they are stuck inside a tree farm!

We found my parent and attempted to take a photo with their tree.  It didn't go so well.  This was the best one.  The first ones were just hilarious.  I'm sure they'll appreciate me not sharing them.  Ha!

Matt tried to cut the tree down mostly on his own this year.  He definitely needs more practice because he took forever!

Olivia just wanted to hang out with Auntie Rissa.  I think she might have loved being the favorite.

Timber!  Oh wait there's a Jessie under that tree.  Eh, she'll survive.

A real smile from my big boy without me even asking!  That's almost like getting a photo of Bigfoot!  Preston is not loving having his photo taken these days.  So this is rare!  And I love it!

My family!

Oh look Santa was there too!

Jessie wanted a photo with Preston.  Remember what I said about him not loving the camera these days?  Yeah, that made it a bit challenging.  It became more of a wrestling match than anything else.

I think she won.  Give him a few years and he'll be able to take her.

The whole group!   

Now we just have to get the tree up and decorated!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 77

This week.


Just dance party!


Olivia found this singing Rudolph at Hobby Lobby and carried it around playing the song for half the store.  Only to trade it at the end for some chocolate! 


Oh the cute!
The rides!
Reward for surviving the mall!

Until next week!