Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Fall means pumpkins!  Pumpkins mean our annual trip up to a local farming community to hit up a fall festival and find some pumpkins!  Life kept getting in the way so we didn't get up there until the last weekend before Halloween.  It ended up being a perfect day!

We ended up at different farm than we usually got to hoping to avoid the craziness that is usually going on there.

As soon as we walked in, Olivia saw the ponies and got all sorts of excited so Grandma bought all three of them a ride!

Ironically Preston is the only one actually smiling and he was the only one who didn't want to ride the horse before he got on it!  I swear Olivia was having so much fun too.  She loves horses!  And Mase.  Oh Mase.  He just wanted nothing to do with the camera.

When the kids got off the horses, we headed into the festival area to take a look around.

The kids found a little cabin that the boys loved playing in. 

I just might have bribed these two boys with giant candy bars to smile for me from this point on.  It worked!

All three kids were dying to go into the main event.  The corn maze with a castle in the middle and a playground at the end.  They were drooling over the playground. from behind the fence.

But first the big boys played on the giant blow up slide!

Livs got to wait on the sidelines with Daddy.  By choice.  She's not a huge fan of the blow up slides.

We were going to head into the corn maze next but the pedal cars were right behind the blow up slide and there was no line.  We just had to go ride first.  Or at least that's what Preston thought!  He'd only been asking to ride the pedal cars since we pulled into the parking lot.

Preston, Mason, and Olivia all hopped on for a ride.  Preston was the only one who could pedal himself so Mase and Liv had to get some help.  I pushed Liv and Riss helped Mase out.  Preston actually made it all the way around before Liv and Mason even got going!

Once wasn't enough so we got back in line again!

This time Brad took a turn on the bike with Preston!

Then Mase hopped on again with Matt pushing him along.

The race was on!

My big race pedal car boy!

Earning his candy bar!

We finally made it into the corn maze!  Where Brad was more excited than the boys.  He was racing all over the place.  I kept having to remind him that they guy told us no running when we walked in!  Ha!

We made it to the middle!  The boys were a little bit excited about this terrifying "alligator".  Thank goodness it was fenced!

Our little family!  At the top of the castle!

They had this knight and with Preston's obsession I offered to take a photo of him with it.

Trapped!  If only.  Little hellions.

My two favorite little boys!

All I wanted was a family photo in the corn.  That's it.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently so.

We made it to the playground!  Where Preston and Mason quickly took off to play.  Preston loved the fire pole.  Mason loved the steering wheel.  Livi loved the slide!   She also happened to be the only one who got close enough to my sister who was holding my camera to take any photos of.  Hiding inside the pirate ship makes that a little difficult boys.  Ahem.

After the corn maze and playground, we all took a ride on the Little Toot.  The boys first.

Then me and Olivia.  Let me tell you the boys made it look easy.  It was not.  The whole ride was kind of horrible.  It was jerky and took all I had to keep Olivia from bouncing so bad it hurt.  I have no idea how the boys rode with a smile on their faces.

My parents and siblings were all headed home after that.

Olivia hopped in the wagon with their pumpkins for a ride while we waited for everyone to get to the cars.

Because I was forcing all of them to take a group photo.  Ten second timer for the win.

Daddy is so much fun!

Everyone else left, but we stayed to play some more!

Like on the tractor.  Preston was so cute when I told him he could climb on an d hop in the driver seat!

We waited in line for a turn on the train!

Then Olivia begged.  Seriously begged.  For another ride on the horse.  Neigh Mommy NEIGH! 

She takes her horse riding very seriously obviously.

Finally it was time!  Pumpkin picking time.   

Preston wanted a white pumpkin at first.  But the more and more we looked the harder and harder it was to find one that was round and would stand up straight. Just when we thought we found a good one it was rotting.  Boo!  After much searching Preston found a perfect orange pumpkin!

Liv wasn't nearly as picky.  Brad picked hers out even since she just wanted to race around with all the pumpkins.

Trying to get a picture of my pumpkins together with all of the pumpkins!

She's got this handled. 

While Brad and Olivia headed to the car with our pumpkins, Preston and I stopped to play on the train.  And then for one more trip down the giant blow up slide!

All that's left is taking our pumpkins home and carving them before Halloween! 

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