Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Math

Preston's class has an annual tradition of pumpkin math.  With him being a big ole first grader this year that means he got to do some pumpkin math!  Me and Olivia got to participate too since I volunteered!

Liv dressed the part in her super cute dress from Kelly!

Oh my word doesn't Preston look like a big kid here?!  I almost couldn't even handle it watching him sit at his desk and do his opening work. 

My little pumpkin math group!  It was a lot of fun.  We started by taking measurements.  Height, weight, circumference, how many rounds there were, and did it float or sink.  We divided up the tasks and each of them was in charge of one.  Team work!  Preston was in charge of seeing how tall the pumpkin was! 

Then came the fun part, cutting it open and scooping all of the seeds out!  The kids then had to count each seed to see how many seeds our pumpkin had.  A whopping 266!  Preston cracked me up.  He wanted nothing to do with scooping the seeds out or the pumpkin guts touching his hands.

When we finished counting our seeds and cleaning our pumpkin out everyone got a sheet to draw their idea for how to carve our pumpkin.

Even Liv got in on the coloring!  She sat at Preston's desk like a big girl too.  He even shared his crayons with her.  Such a sweet big brother.

Funny enough when we all met back up to decide what face to give our pumpkin, my group had all drawn the exact same face with the exception of one mouth.  It was easy peasy!

While the class headed out to recess, me and Olivia carved up the pumpkin!  She'd been waiting for a turn with it after watching all the big kids!

My group and their pumpkin!

Loves to little sister before we headed home.

As we were packing up to head home Preston's principal walked in to say hello to his class and see what they were all up to.  He stopped for a few minutes to read with Preston and it was oh so cute!

Funny to see how things go full circle, he's Preston's principal and he used to sub for some of my classes when I was in school! 

Olivia had brought her baby and stroller along with us to help keep her entertained and insisted that she walk her baby all the way home.  It was pretty stinking cute!  I figured she earned some walking rights since she was so good while we helped out in Preston's class!

I love helping out in Preston's class and seeing the dynamic between him and the other kids and getting to put faces to the names!

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