Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween means pumpkins!

Pumpkins need to be carved.  Preston was all sorts of excited.  Olivia wasn't sure what was going on.

Funny enough, by the time we really got down to it Preston was all ewww it's gross in there I don't want to touch it.  So he used a spoon and made silly faces.  Olivia on the other hand was having a blast.  So much fun that emptying the pumpkin once wasn't enough so she kept refilling it so that she could do it over and over again. How opposite they were was hilarious.  

Brad helped Olivia carve hers into a silly face.  I helped Preston carve his into a scary face.

The final product!

An attempt at getting the kids with their pumpkins!

Halloween we're ready for you!

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