Saturday, October 4, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 69

This week...


Little motorcycle baby!
Best buds celebrating Zack's birthday!
Olivia uses the leaf as a little chair to lay on.
Preston uses it as a fort!
Naughty girl in time out at Grandma and Grandpa's house.


Guac anyone?
Little devil!


My morning work station.
Fun with Zack on his birthday!
Daddy's girl!


Gah! I can't even.  Fashionista baby!


Someone wants to ride like a big girl in the car!
Happy Birthday Dad!!


Do you think she likes chocolate?
Building dominoes with Preston!
"Hugging" the cat.
Halloween is coming!
Liking Grandma's strawberry lemonade!
Fun with Auntie Jessie!
Preston looks so big here!
Auntie Jessie loves!
Ask Marrissa to take some photos, find this one.  Pretty standard.
I just wanted a photo of our family.  Looks like that's too much to ask! 
The only way Preston is willing to take a photo these days.

Until next week!

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