Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mi Madres Birthday

We headed over to my parents house to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  We were going bowling!  Per my Moms request. 

But first a walk.  Per her request.  Where we ended up at the school.  Per the kids request.

My parents!  Aren't they cute.

Little love.  She's already phone crazed.

Preston loves his Grandma! 

My brother showed up with his air soft gun and was shooting targets in the backyard and Mason and Preston each took a turn.  Preston wasn't too bad of a shot!

When Grandma and Grandpa are around I'm chopped liver.  Preston was beyond excited to ride to bowling in Grandpa's truck with my parents and Mason.

Bowling!  Preston was all sorts of excited!  He was pretty good too!  He even got a spare!  He was not happy about it though.  He wanted a strike.  Poor kid kept watching Grandpa get them, it was like salt in a wound.  Looks like we're going to have to keep practicing!   

Grandpa, Grandma, and my littles!

Little troublemakers!

Olivia was out cold when we got to the bowling alley, she took a little while to fully wake up. 

But one she did and she realized what was going on she was all over it.  I let her take a turn with me and couldn't believe how much she loved it.  I had to share the rest of my turns!  She even got a strike!  I helped give it a little push but she did all the rest all on her own.  Not too bad for a one year old.

We went and picked Brad up, poor guy had to work all day and missed out on all the fun. 

Then we all headed to dinner.  At the restaurant of my Mom's choice.  A buffet.  Sometimes she's easy to please.  Ha! 

Olivia refused to eat just about everything.  A buffet and my kids won't eat.  Although to be fair Brad had pizza and I had mac and cheese and soup. 

Liv did decide to eat finally when Grandma offered her some of her baked potato.  She was all over that action.

Desert went over well too.  Matt brought her some ice cream and fed it so nicely to her.  Then he handed me the spoon and she refused to eat unless she could feed herself.  Good bye nice white shirt.

Sneaky girl with her little baby.

The birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Mama!  I love you!

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